To be a “CHAMPION”
By David Selley

Webster's dictionary defines “champion” as a warrior, defender, and one who fights for other's rights or honor. A winner of first prize in a competition. What ever your own definition of a “champion” is, it probably includes such things as excellence, superior performance or winning. You have already demonstrated that you're a champion. You may not believe it but we're all champions. Your admission into the game of life began by beating out some 50 million others in the competition of conception. Truly one of your greatest victories in life! Then there is the championship activity that took place in the schoolyard where you established your own starting position in the pecking order of your future. Next, on to the fast track of making a living, and the competitive life of business. At about the same time you became expert in the art of primping, prompting, and preparing to show the world you're number one in the species. Its funny how luck comes to those who are best prepared and just maybe you were one of the lucky ones to have someone believe in you, perhaps for the first time. Therein lies the genesis of a “champion”

It's called attitude and belief.

Chances are you're not into marathons or decathlons but you continue to sow “seeds of greatness”. Your positive attitude has propelled you forward. Your accomplishments are the results of your vision and hard work. Your goals and dreams reflect a champion’s thinking. Today as you step up to the plate and start swinging in the ballgame of life you are hereby declared a

“CHAMPION” and!..... Your FORTUNE awaits you!

Champions lead -- teams win! ©1998