The words FAME and FAMOUS create fascinating and variable mental images that range from famous names, world leaders, politicians, movie stars, athletes and entertainers. Most famous people have one thing in common and that is they all have powerful dreams and goals. Would you like to participate in a little private and very personal brain teaser exercise to take an imaginative look at “YOU” IF? you became instantly famous? Here are some though provoking questions to get you started.

What famous people do you like and admire?

Which person do you like best and WHY?

What specific question would you like to ask that person?

IF you became famous where would you live?

What kind of a house would you have?

What kind of a car would you drive?

Would you travel and where to?

Would you give to charity and which one?

Would you change your lifestyle and HOW?

What key issues in life would you promote or try to improve and how:






Self improvement?

This information is private strictly for your eyes only and for future reference if you print a copy. It might be fun to look back over the years to see how you have changed!